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Welcome to the ARC Consulting Group, Inc.

ARC's Open Enrollment Schedule for

2014 - 2015

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Our Mission: assist our clients maximize the return on their capital investments.

ARC provides value-added professional services to our clients, associated organizations, and individuals whom we serve. Our goal is to continue as the leading provider of custom-tailored, Finance, Tax and Accounting, Virtual CFO/ Financial Management, Budgeting, Modeling and Forecasting, Strategic Cost Management, Project Management and Executive Management Consulting and Professional Development Services.

Company Profile

The ARC Consulting Group, Inc. is an international training and consulting firm providing a range of services to the accounting, audit and finance professionals. We provide:

ARC's Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Virtual CFO Service Professionals works with you to enhance your profits and allow you to focus on your core business growth. Established in 1988 by Mr. Richard T. Balog, CPA, CFF, CIA, CGFM, DACFE, ARC combines expertise from accounting, auditing, financial management, Forensic Accounting, project management, continuing process improvement consulting, and H/R Consulting and Training to bring our clients cooperative solutions.

ARC is a group of dedicated professionals dedicated to ensure you achieve your business goals and objectives. Our principals bring more than 200 years of combined successful business development, management and profit-enhancement experience. We work with you and your investment in the three key components of a Profitable Company: Financial, Intellectual and Human Capital. By working on all three Key Components, we help you arrive at Business Solutions that last.

BBB® Accredited Business Seal
The ARC Consulting Group, Inc. is a proud member of the Northeast Florida Better Business Bureau

What We Do

We work with you and your investment in the Three Key components of a Profitable Company: Financial, Intellectual and Human Capital. By working on all three Key Components of Effective Capital Management, we help you arrive at Business Solutions that last. These include:

  1. Financial Capital - The money invested in your business to generate profits.
  2. Intellectual Capital - The "Know-How" that makes you unique and strategically different from the competition.
  3. Human Capital - The people that take your Financial and Intellectual Capital and convert it into profits.

    How We Do It

Management Consulting
ARC's consulting services focus on continuous profit-enhancement through training and consulting in these critical areas:

  1. Click for Forensic Accounting and Audit Services
  2. Click for Medical Office Expert Services
  3. Click for Internal Audit Services
  4. Click for Product Cost System Design
  5. Click for Start-Up and Accelerated Growth Services
  6. Click for Accounting, Tax and Virtual CFO Services
  7. Click for H/R Services
  8. Click for Sales and Marketing Consulting
  9. Click for Financial Services
  10. Click for Strategic Partners and Affiliated Organizations

How We Do It:
Some of the specific services we can provide include:

Evaluation of Current Business Process - We provide our clients with a complete understanding of their key business revenue and expense drivers, and how to effectively manage their impact to their profitability. Our clients learn form our engagements and are able to continue our efforts on their own using their staff, if desired.

Profit Enhancement Solutions - We assist companies facing potential bankruptcy become viable and profitable entities. We address all aspects of the business, from Product Pricing and Customer Profitability Analysis, to Product Cost Analysis, to Operational Process Analysis. We provide executive management with the pinpoint causes of their de lima, and a structured plan to bring the organization back to profitability. ARC will also manage the implementation process if management desired.

Forensic Accounting and Auditing
We divide our forensic services into two practices:

Detective and Litigation Support - We find the "Smoking Gun!" We work with your legal council to support the fraud investigation from discovery, to quantifying the damages, to identifying the perpetrators to prevailing in litigation.

Fraud Prevention - While no group can guarantee that your organization will not become the victim of fraud, we are experts in creating a "Fraud Resistant Environment." We identify the holes in your systems that would allow the fraud to occur. By breaking the "Fraud Triangle" we can significantly reduce the potential for fraud to occur.

ARC is here to assist you to maximize the rewards of your investment. We can help.

On-Site Training
ARC's professional development division, The ARC Training Group, provides world-class professional development programs in the fields of accounting, forensic accounting, forensic auditing, internal auditing, financial analysis, budget development, Activity-Based Costing and Activity-Based Budgeting, financial management, project management, continuous process improvement and time management.

ARC Training is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals through world-class accounting, auditing, business and financial management training and consulting. Through its strategic partner, Ally Business Developers, ARC offers on-site project management seminars, project management services and tools, courses and consulting in business process improvement, continuous process improvement, and workflow analysis.

Our Strategic Partner Ally Business Developers, Inc. provides our clients with leading-edge Project Management training ranging from Introduction to Project Management to The PMP Review Course

Our Strategic Partner The H/R Consulting Group, Inc. provides our clients with leading edge H/R and OD Consulting, coupled with employee surveys and quick, issue-focused surveys.

On Line Training through ARC!
We now offer On-Line Training in association with our Strategic Partner MindEdge, Inc., the industry leader in the design and development of On-Line Training. Now, you can take the travel out of training. Click Here to review our On-Line programs.

ARC continues to develop its network of Strategic Partners and Affiliated Organizations. through these highly-treasured relationships, ARC is able to provide the highest on quality goods and services at a very reasonable cost. To view our current network, understand our Quality of Service, and see what it takes to become associated with ARC, please click to our Strategic Partner page.

ARC is a Proud Member of the Small Business Resource Network.



Privacy Policy
ARC is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of our clients.
Click Here to view ARC's Privacy Policy.

Administrative Office
Jacksonville, Florida

Executive Office
St. Augustine, Florida

Operating Office
4221 Clearwater Lane
Suite 200
Jacksonville Fl, 32223

7 Old Mission Avenue
Suite 200
St. Augustine, FL 32084

3119 Spring Glen Road
Suite 107
Jacksonville, FL  32207

Phone: 904-268-1148
Fax 904-292-0826
Phone: 904-945-1220
Phone: 904-945-1220

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The ARC Consulting Group, Inc. (ARC) is committed to maximizing the return on your investment in your company.




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